Dear church family of ST. JOHN'S LUTHERAN CHURCH IN THE HEIGHTS. Please read this I truly believe in GOD'S intervention here . This is our baby JUDE who we so faithfully prayed for. He is so in GOD'S grace . So from my heart to yours and I am sure from the rest of my family thank you. GOD IS ABLE!!!!

Last Day of Sunday School

May 27th will be the last day of Sunday School until the Fall.

Dates yet to come for beginning of 2018-2019 school year.

Summer Lunch Program

June 25th through August 3rd

Monday - Friday, 11am - 1pm

at Masonic Fellowship Hall East Side, 5th St, Jim Thorpe

Call Mary Horn for more details: 570-722-2796

Let's Celebrate Music!

St. John's Choir will hold Music Sunday on May 6th this year. We want to spotlight the favorite hymns of our congregation. We will devote much of the service to singing your favorite hymns from ELW and WOV. Please fill out the sign up sheet at the back of the church and let us know all your favorite hymns. Help us celebrate the special meaning that music brings to our lives ad Christians.

Worship Services

6 p.m. Saturday evening spoken communion service

10:30 a.m. Sunday morning-festive choral communion


Angelica's Memorial Prayer Garden

Please visit our beautiful memorial prayer garden in the rear of the church for quiet meditation and prayer.  Spring has sprung and the garden is lovely!